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Born on the 27th of October i was raised by wolves beaten by the mental caterpillar, Chewed by the ferocious kitten, mauled by the infant, Beaten by gorillas with bamboo, Thrown off a cliff by an old lady and reviewing blamming all sorts of crap...

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Posted by Pocketkup - November 13th, 2008

Its awesome! My account on PS3 is BurgerofDoom so if you fancy havin a go go ahead and message meh! ^_^

Posted by Pocketkup - October 2nd, 2008

I am freakin pissin myself with the upcoming fable 2 NOW here are new thangs Sorry if this is already an exsisting post : (

1. get a freakin dog
2. get to play as a chick
3. shoot (yes with a gun retard)
4. CO-OP?!?!?!?!? WOOO!!!
5. More clothes n crap
6. When your online you can shoot other peoples familiys which is cruel
7. be gay or marry a fat woman
8. Its a free roam game like elder scrolls oblivion ^_____^
9. new enemies

got any moar?


Posted by Pocketkup - September 23rd, 2008

if you had a superpower what would it be?

I would have lazer vision blow the shit outta everyone mwahahahaha!!!

So yeh have your say...

if you could have a super power...

Posted by Pocketkup - August 29th, 2008

Ok be honest...

Your in a room you have 1 bullet in your gun. There is a man outside with a shotgun fully loaded.
What do you do?

I would probably act dead when he turns round BOOM...

I would probably die lmao...

So have your say.

Posted by Pocketkup - August 27th, 2008

What would life be like without religion?

I think there would be no war everyone would get on with life...

What would life be like without religion?

Posted by Pocketkup - August 19th, 2008

So what do you think life would be like without computers?
how would it effect you, the world even our universe!
I think our atmosphere would be a lot more different! We
would have more electricity and our lives would be more active!

You can't get Metal Gear Awesome in real life can you...
Can you?

What do you think life would be would be like without computers?

Posted by Pocketkup - August 17th, 2008

Door to do religion thats what! it gets on ym nerves so much!!! Its like they think were retarded or something!!! So we can't pick a religion we are told what do, and some douche comes round to my door says "Hello i see you have a picture of Jesus on your wall" And then i say "IT WAS HERE WHEN WE MOVED HERE!!!" Hes all like "Oh sorry-" At this point i want to kill him >:(

You know what really annoys me?