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You know what really annoys me?

2008-08-17 22:58:42 by Pocketkup

Door to do religion thats what! it gets on ym nerves so much!!! Its like they think were retarded or something!!! So we can't pick a religion we are told what do, and some douche comes round to my door says "Hello i see you have a picture of Jesus on your wall" And then i say "IT WAS HERE WHEN WE MOVED HERE!!!" Hes all like "Oh sorry-" At this point i want to kill him >:(

You know what really annoys me?


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2008-08-18 00:44:51

they usually believe if they dont theyll go to hell or something
its basically like a door to door salesman, but for free and the salesman will be whipped if he doesnt comply :o
also: you might not have heard of the particular religion they suggest, so its exposing you to it

Pocketkup responds:



2008-08-18 01:36:02

well hey, they're all a bunch of idiots.
They know you already have a religion, but they want to give you a new one. WTF!?

(Updated ) Pocketkup responds:

I'm a atheist and we just have a picture of Jesus near our door! And one of my relatives wont let us take it down because she says all this religion crap! pretty annoyed i mean its a picture!!!